Parking, Seat, Prayer Places and Food Options: Here is Complete Woman’s Guide to Attending PSL Matches in Karachi

As everyone but men tend to have limited access to public places in Pakistan. We have compiled a list of what you should do if you plan on attending the matches.

Carry a small bag

The security staff will check your bag/handbag at least three times once you enter the stadium. It would be better if you are carrying a small one as it will save you a lot of time.

Make sure there are no pens in your bag. They almost took ours.

Keep your CNIC with you

The ticket says that people must carry their CNICs. Two of us decided to carry our press cards instead.

Carrying a CNIC would be just more convenient as it will make the verification easier. One colleague’s verification was done in mere seconds, while the two of us had to tell them our CNIC numbers and they asked for our parents’ names. 

Print your tickets

Just print your ticket if you don’t want three different people holding your mobile phone for verification. We had to continuously sanitise our hands and clean the phone because of it.

The ticketing staff will ask you if they can take your picture for ticket verification. You can tell them to not take if you aren’t comfortable.

Where to sit?

Try to buy tickets for the back rows for a better view. Someone advised us to buy front row tickets but our view was blocked by the grill. The staff was, however, accommodating enough to let us change our seats.

If you get tickets for the Imran Khan enclosure, then Row T will give you the best leg space.

Wear your masks

You will find COVID-19 managers once you enter the enclosure. They will constantly tell people to wear their masks and leave one seat in between while watching the match. Follow their instructions as you will see many people violating the SOPs.

Carry hand wash/wipes

The toilets were clean but they didn’t have hand wash or liquid soap.

Arrangements for prayers

The toilet had a place for women to perform wuzu and a rug was placed inside the enclosure for women who want to say their prayers.

Don’t worry about food

People can’t bring their own food to the stadium but inside there are plenty of places to eat and drink. Your choices include samosas, chips, biryani, and pizza.


People attending the match can park their car at the Hakeem Said ground.

If you buy VIP tickets, then you will be allowed to park at the National Coaching Centre or China Ground.

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