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How to Schedule LDA One Window Appointment Online?

Now you can schedule your appointment online by LDA’s website and book the date you want the appointment on. No need to visit the premises and wait in long queues only to find out that employees are on a lunch break or the facility is about to close for the day.

For your convenience, we have broken down the process into a few easy steps if you want to book yourself an appointment at LDA.

instructions for online appointments
Instructions issued by LDA for online appointments


Here are a few steps you can follow to book your appointment.

Step 1: Visit the LDA website or directly follow the link

Step 2: Select the office of LDA that is convenient for you to visit. There are two options; the Johar Town office and the LDA Avenue-I office.

Step 3: Select the date from the calendar on which you are planning to visit the one window cell.

Step 4: Select the time slot that fits your schedule.

Step 5: There are more than one counters for the convenience of the public and to manage the workload. So, in case you are unable to find the desired time slot free, check the other counter.

Step 6: After you click the timeslot, a page will pop-up where you will need to add your information and mention the type of application.

Step 7: Once you have provided all the information, submit the form and your appointment will be scheduled.

Note: It is important to mention here that make sure you have provided your active mobile phone number because a confirmation text will be sent to you which you have to show at the counter.

Some important instructions by LDA for online appointments

For online appointments, there are a few instructions that every applicant must-read. Other than that, in the wake of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, LDA is also following government issued SOPs to avoid the spread of the virus. Other instructions as mentioned by LDA on their website are as follows:

  • The timing of one window cell is 10 am to 2 pm
  • The citizens should book an online appointment before visiting one window cell
  • Appointment confirmation will be conveyed via SMS which citizens will show upon visiting LDA office
  • People can only visit one window cell at their appointed time. Citizens must bring complete documents along
  • Temperature of all citizens will be monitored and those who have temperature of more than 100.4-degree Fahrenheit will not be allowed to enter
  • Late arrivers or those without token will be guided in Assistant Director OWC office regarding online token
  • Older or specially-abled citizens can bring along an additional person
  • Responses to all the cases will be uploaded on website

How to track your LDA application online?

After your case has been registered with LDA, you will be given a unique application number. Keep it safe because through this number you will be able to track the status of your case. Follow the link which will direct you to the LDA one window application status page.

one window application status
Using your unique application number, you can check the status of your case

LDA one window appointment

Going digital serves the authority as well as the public because it has eased up the process to obtain services as well as information. The digitization process includes setting up a fully functional website, authorization of an e-permit system, development of an android application and registration of complaints and their resolution. 

LDA One Window Cell operation started in 1999 and in 2010, a fully automated one window cell was launched on the premises of LDA where a token number was assigned to each applicant’s case. The aim behind developing one window cell was to gather the complaints and queries of people at one single counter and then forwarding it to the relevant departments. One aspect of LDA going digital was to set up an online application tracker where one can conveniently check the status of their application.

one window cell online appointment
Book your appointment online at the time of your own convenience

Objectives and features of one window cell

Through one window cell, people register their complaints, which are then forwarded to relevant departments of LDA. But the objectives of this operation are not limited to this. Along with efficient service delivery to the public at a single window, it also streamlines public interaction with the LDA office. In addition to this, the operation also reduces the risk of fraudulent activities and corruption at any level. The operation also mechanizes the monitoring, evaluation and supervision of officials at the authority.

Once the case has been registered at the one window cell, the applicant is given a time frame within which their case is expected to be resolved. Meanwhile, the case is sent to the concerned department and prompt action is taken.

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