Biometric System to be Introduced in Sindh Schools

Sindh Education and Labour Minister Saeed Ghani has said that work has been in progress to introduce the biometric system to ensure attendance of students in the government-run schools of the province.

Ghani made the disclosure while addressing a reception held the other day to mark the 30th anniversary of the foundation of a representative body of the private schools in the province.

Ghani recalled that earlier the biometric system had been successfully introduced to ensure that teachers associated with the government-run schools in the province regularly attended to their duties.

He said that very soon the biometric attendance system would become a compulsory feature of the government-run schools both for their students and teachers.

He urged all the representative bodies of the private schools to get the privately run educational institutions duly registered with the government to help it maintain a complete database of the enrolled students so to know about the latest literacy situation in Sindh.

He said that an endowment fund would be established-like the one already available to the college and university students in Sindh-to provide financial assistance to the deserving school students.

Google map

He informed audience of the ceremony that the Sindh government had completed the census of the state-run educational institutions as the locations of them had been identified on the Google map through the use of the Global Positioning System.

He said the Sindh government would ensure that an elementary and secondary school was available within the two-kilometre radius of the primary schools so to ensure further education of the students after passing the Class five.

He mentioned that students in most of the remote areas in Sindh were not in the position to get further education after passing the primary classes owing to the unavailability of the senior schools in the nearby localities.

He disclosed on the occasion that the Sindh Education Department had built an e-portal to ensure a transparent and meritorious mechanism to carry out affairs of the appointment and transfer of the teachers in the government-run schools.

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