All You Need to Know About Best Courier Service Providers in Pakistan

Courier services in Pakistan are successfully running due to its increasing demand. The fastest possible same-day delivery services within the city have made many things convenient for people, as per the official sources.

Courier companies in Pakistan are booming due to their high-quality, on-time delivery services. The doorstep delivery of items has made things really easy for everyone. However, the services are quick and convenient just because of the latest technological software and the internet that has integrated the whole supply chain.

Internet is playing a vital role as Pakistanis are now gaining the trust of online shopping platforms while switching towards the contemporary style of shopping from the old traditional ways. For convenience and ease, online shopping and on-time delivery through effective courier service are becoming more common.

Air Courier & Delivery Services Throughout the State of Texas

The delivery system in Pakistan is not limited to the local areas or within the city delivery; however, you can easily send your precious items across Pakistan and also worldwide as international deliveries are also available. Only the restricted areas or the countries are not on the list of the delivery list of these companies.

Pakistan post has recently revolutionized its systems and is now growing while keeping the digital tech systems. However, the other private courier services are also playing a significant role in boosting the economy.

While delivering any item either to be-loved ones or to any official business address or educational address, the major thing what people are concern about is usually about the safety of the product and also the courier charges.

Best Courier Services during Pandemic

As per the sources, the services of courier companies have faced a major hit due to the pandemic of COVID-19. Due to the suspension of the flights internally as well as domestically, the courier companies face a massive loss.

The overall economy was highly affected and still struggling to overcome the losses of the time of lockdown. The suspension of deliveries by these companies has hit losses also; however, the permission to book and deliver the essential items made the business go running.

After the lockdown, the services still took some time to resume fully as before the pandemic. The delayed shipments made the people worried about their significant goods. The delivery of medicines, medical equipment, and the safety health care items along with the essential food delivery were also allowed legally by the government of Pakistan.

Best courier service providers proved themselves to deliver the essential items on time as within the given date. The same day, as well as the overnight deliveries, has gained an edge over other services provided by the companies.

Best Courier Service Providers in Pakistan

The term “best” is perhaps not limited to any specific means. The cheapest yet the most efficient, on time, safe and reliable courier service is considered to be the best one in Pakistan. These services can easily boost the online businesses of any brand as well as their own repo by delivering the items that are directly booked by a customer.

Keep reading if you really want to know about the best courier service providers in Pakistan who can deliver worldwide in the given specified time.

  • TCS Courier Service
  • Leopard Courier Service
  • M&P Courier Service
  • Express Courier Service
  • DHL Courier Service

TCS Courier Service

TCS was initially a short form for the Tranzum courier service, but as the brand got recognition by the name of TCS only, then the brand official announces to go with it. TCS is considered to be the best and most trusted courier service in Pakistan.

However, many people do not call the parcel to courier it; they just ask TCS it! This shows that the word “courier” is TCS itself that should be called for any brand courier.

TCS delivers across the nation as well as its international delivery also has special packages that are cheap. However, comparing the prices of TCS with other local brands of courier service; TCS is comparatively high.


According to the official person of TCS, the company is also providing the same-day courier service in only four major cities of Pakistan that are, Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Rawalpindi (K, L, I, R).

This is because their major hubs are located in these areas where the same-day courier service in Pakistan is possible, but the booking time for the same day is 10 am and that also only from the main express centers (TCS offices).

TCS spreads in over more than 220 countries of the world while covering around 3,500+ worldwide destinations.

The business deliveries, as well as the gift items, can be sent through TCS internationally. The booking is made after matching with the given list of commodity list criteria as many items are there that cannot be sent internationally like medicines, or any powdered form substance, money, living things like pets etc.

You can send gifts to your loved ones internationally through their discounted “Red box” or can avail of the “Student express discounted service” if you want to get any documents delivered at any worldwide educational address.

TCS Domestic Services

The services that TCS offers for domestic deliveries are:

  • Same day delivery
  • Time choice or Dot time delivery (Exact dot time of delivery is set as per customer’s choice)
  • Overnight Service (1-day delivery device)
  • Overland Service (3 to 5 working days delivery service- cheapest in price but only for items of 10KG or above).
  • Economy Express Service (2 days service)
  • Red Box
  • Land Cargo
  • General Heavy

Within Pakistan, it is the best service that also deals with their account customers like banks, offices for the deliveries of Atm, debit or credit cards of the customer from bank to the doorstep of the customer. It is also known as the fastest courier service in Pakistan.

You can also become a COD (cash on delivery) account customer of this courier company, if you are looking for a delivery partner for your home-based business or a small business.

Leopard Courier Service

Leopards Courier Services in Pakistan is considered to be the second-largest courier service company. It is the fastest-growing company as compare to the other courier companies in Pakistan.

However, it has now expanded its service location to over 1500 places and approximately 2200 destinations globally. It also offers overnight as well as same-day delivery across Pakistan. The courier rates of this service are comparatively low than TCS.

M&P Courier Service

In the list of greatest courier companies, M&P comes in the second position. It has about 500+ Courier centers like offices in Pakistan along with the 1,370+ Service Locations and also the 258+ ship centers authorized by FedEx.

Their passion for the company for delivering excellence makes them one of the great choices to cater to all your courier needs domestically. They have their own cargos, airplanes, vehicles like trucks, cars and bikes for the delivery of their parcels.

Express Courier Service

With an experience of almost 25 successful years, this service is still managing its operations to deliver in the best possible way not only domestically but also internationally.

The safe and sound delivery of the items on time is what the brand is known for. They are fast and reliable while having their own warehouses in different cities of Pakistan.

Express Courier Link is also one of the highly professional skills and the reliable Courier Service Provider Company that has also been classified for their delivery service like for any destination across Pakistan as well as abroad. They also claim that their organization is not only one of the biggest, yet also one of the most trusted ones in Pakistan.

DHL Courier Service

DHL is known as the top quality courier service provider in Pakistan. DHL is basically a global courier company that is the most recognized international delivery service company.

DHL also aims to provide an international express delivery along with the global freight that is forwarding by the sea, air, road and also the rails. The warehousing solutions are provided by DHL from the packaging like for repairs, mail deliveries that are available worldwide, and also other customized logistic services.

Post Office is known as the cheapest courier service in Pakistan. However, it is now digitalizing its systems to remain integrated and updated. Moreover, there are many other courier services also that are providing their good services but the best, trusted and the reliable ones are discussed here.

According to the reports, the courier industry is contributing to the economy of Pakistan, where a major portion is due to the fast and reliable services. All of these brands are emerging Pakistan’s courier services. TCS is still the best courier service provider in Pakistan.

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