Now Twitter Lets You Add Stickers and GIFs to Fleets

Twitter has updated fleets with the ability to embellish them with fun stickers without having to use another app. While the feature’s absence didn’t make fleets unusable, it gives users a way to add personality to their posts. In an announcement tweeted by the website’s support account, it announced that users can now add GIFs and Twemojis — that’s the social network’s term for its emojis — to their fleets. 

All users have to do is tap the smiley icon right beside the text icon when they post a fleet to bring up all the animated stickers and emoji Twitter has on offer.

Users can also look for graphics using the search bar at the top of the interface if they have something particular in mind.

Since the ability to slap stickers on ephemeral content has long been a feature on Snapchat and on Instagram and Facebook Stories, it may convince some skeptics to give Twitter’s take a try if they enjoy using the feature.

Twitter says stickers for fleets will be available on both Android and iOS.

However, it may not be out for everyone yet: We still don’t see the option to add stickers in our account, so the website might still be in the middle of rolling it out to all its users. 

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