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Is Dananeer Shooting a Web Series with Hania Aamir?

Social media star Dananeer Mobeen’s photos from the sets of Hania Aamir’s upcoming web series Ruswai have left fans excited.

“Party time with the real party girl,” said actor Nabeela Khan, who is part of Ruswai‘s cast.

Photo: Instagram/Nabeela Khan

She posted a number of photos from the shoot, showing Hania and Dananeer in a middle class setting. Bushra Ansari and Farhan Saeed will star in the series too.

Photo: Instagram/Nabeela Khan
Photo: Instagram/Nabeela Khan

“Standing with Shazia Wajahat, the coolest and most beautiful producer,” said Nabeela Khan, who is part of the cast. 

Photo: Instagram/Nabeela Khan

Ruswai is reportedly a story of two sisters, produced and directed by Wajahat Rauf.

Before the series was announced, both Hania and Wajahat had been posting pictures and videos together, which included Dananeer as well, leading to speculations that they were working on a project. There has been, however, no confirmation from the ‘pawri’ girl so far.

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