Sanam Jung Reveals the Ultimate Diet Plan to Loose 5kg in Ramadan (VIDEO)

Sanam Jung is no stranger to the tedious workout routines and diet plans to maintain a healthy weight. Shortly after the birth of her baby girl, the Alvida star’s transformation left the fans inspired.

Despite remaining in the public eye, the 33-year-old has mastered the art to woo everyone with her charming smile and boisterous personality.

The talented actress took the Internet by storm with her transformation and now she is inspiring other people to lose weight this Ramadan

Recently, the Qarar star uploaded a new Vlog on her Youtube channel which is all about shedding extra pounds and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Jung shared a video in which certified dietitian Dr Areej Haroon revealed about food management during Ramadan.

Moreover, Jung motivated her viewers to follow the diet plan and have a healthy Ramadan.

Dr. Areej recommended that people who wish to lose weight should drink a glass of water when they get up for Sehri and they should void eating spicy, oily things like paratha during Sehri.

Tea, coffee and cold drinks should not be consumed during Sehri. Tea enthusiasts should choose tea without sugar and high milk.

According to Dr Areej, 4 to 5 kg weight can be easily lost in Ramadan through the following Iftar Diet Plan. A glass of lemonade and fruit instead of a mixed fruit salad should be taken. White sugar is not recommended. After Maghrib prayers, fried foods and snacks should be avoided. Dinner should be consumed consisting of a chapatti and lentils or vegetables.

People fond of snacks can consume little quantities of pakoras and a samosa while getting enough sleep and stay hydrated.

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