Apple Patents Cuffless Blood Pressure Tracking Technology

Apple is working on a new biometric technology that will be able to track blood pressure by utilizing neutral networks and seismocardiogram data. This would remove the need for a blood pressure cuff.

According to a recent patent publication (Via AppleInsider), the Cupertino based giant is working on a wearable device that could be paired with Apple Watch.

This technology might be capable of monitoring a user’s blood pressure in the future without the need for any additional peripherals. In the patent application titled “Interpretable neural networks for cuffless blood pressure estimation,” the company describes the use of neutral networks to estimate blood pressure using seismocardiogram data.

This device would use a seismocardiogram measures the micro vibrations produced by the heart beating rather than using electrocardiogram, which uses an electrical signals to monitor heart rate. While seismocardiogram devices that are small do already exist, these “wearables” are usually placed over a user’s sternum to measure minute vibrations in or near the heart. So, it is unclear how the iPhone maker aims to implement this new technology.

Apple Watch

The patent from the company also states that the system would function by using an individually pruned neutral network. This neural network would then be capable of estimating blood pressure based on the recorded data. Keep in mind, that this is just a patent at the moment and could just be the company’s attempt to cover all bases, so take this report with a pinch of salt and stay tuned for more updates

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