All You Need to Know About ‘Roshan Apni Car’ Scheme for Pakistanis Abroad?

Prime Minister Imran Khan launched the ‘Roshan Apni car’ scheme for Pakistanis abroad to buy a car for their loved ones in Pakistan through Roshan Digital Account.

Under the scheme, Pakistani citizens will now be able to buy a car digitally from Pakistani banks while staying abroad through the Roshan digital platform.

According to SBP Governor Raza Baqir, “Delivery of a vehicle purchased in this way will not only be faster but also lower the interest rate.

Talks have been held with all the car manufacturing companies in Pakistan in this regard and forms in this regard have also started becoming available on the websites of various banks on Friday.

Benefits of Roshan Apni Car Scheme

The government, in collaboration with the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP), has launched the ‘Roshan Apni Car’ scheme for non-resident Pakistanis (NRPs) to purchase cars for their families with these benefits:

  • Lower interest rates (7%) for car financing than usual (13%)
  • Lower registration fee and other taxes than normal
  • 50% less waiting time for car delivery

What is Roshan’s own car scheme?

Speaking to Urdu News, SBP spokesperson Abid Qamar said, “Some time ago, an account opening scheme was launched in Pakistan for Pakistanis abroad from there, which was named Roshan Digital Account. The scheme has been well received and so far remittances of one billion US dollars have been sent to Pakistan.

Under this scheme, not only overseas Pakistanis have been given the facility to buy cars from banks, but in doing so, they are also being given additional facilities which are not available to those who buy cars from Pakistan. For example, when buying a car in Pakistan, the bank has to pay a lower rate than the profit or interest that Roshan has to pay under his car. Thus, if the vehicle is available in Pakistan within three months after booking, then the scheme will be available in one and a half months. Similarly, car insurance will also be reduced under this scheme.

How to apply for the scheme?

Pakistanis who have created Roshan Digital Accounts can apply for Roshan Apni Car directly from their bank or any other bank’s website.

On Friday, several banks posted options and information on their websites. You can have any method of financing under this scheme ie both traditional and Islamic banking are available. Under the scheme, overseas Pakistanis can apply for a car in the name of their spouse.

Required documents include National Identity Card or NICOPE, Social Security Card or residency as well as income documents. The minimum down payment is up to 15%.

According to the website of a large bank, the eligibility conditions are that the minimum monthly income of those living in the Gulf countries is ten thousand dollar and for the United States, Britain, Canada, Australia, etc., the income must be three thousand dollars. In addition, the buyer’s credit history should be clear, ie non-payers of any bank, etc.

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