DRAP Introduces Online Application Management System

Reforms in the Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan (DRAP) are in full swing, with DRAP introducing an online application management system.

According to the details, Pakistan is an integrated regulatory information management online system. DRAP also issued a letter to the Pharma Bureau, PPMA and regional offices instructing the Pharma Bureau and PPMA to use the online system.

DRAP officials say pharmaceutical and biological pharmaceuticals will benefit from the online system, which will allow pharma companies to apply online for inspection and pharmaceutical licenses.

According to the authorities, the applicant will be able to apply from home through the online system, applications from pharma companies will be received on paper till May 3, applications will not be received on paper after May 3, DRAP modern online application system will be implemented. The import will be done in 2 phases, the first site verification and pharmaceutical license applications will be received.

Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan said that 10 out of 13 divisions of DRAP have been transferred to e-system, 3 divisions of DRAP will be transferred to e-system before May 30.

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