Locally Assembly MG HS Is Launched

The head of JW SEZ Group, local partner of MG, Javed Afridi has announced a huge development of MG cars. In a tweet, Afridi declared: “Alhamdulillah, first locally made MG car is on the wheels.” He shared two pictures of this locally assembled vehicle.

Last week, MG Motors Pakistan announced that it will start the local production of its vehicles very soon. In a social media post, the company said: “Construction of the first MG Motor’s assembly plant is in progress under the supervision of both Pakistani and Chinese experts.” The statement further read that very soon, it will be capable of taking the next step of producing vehicles in Pakistan.

“A great step forward, not only for us, but for the whole automotive industry in Pakistan,” the company said.

MG Pakistan is currently offering HS and ZS for selling, while it is expected that sale of ZS EV will start soon. Furthermore, Afridi has hinted the launch of three different vehicles, i.e. Gloster, MG3 and MG5.

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