Google’s Workplace Suite is Now Free and Available to Anyone

Google is making a huge change to its online services. It’s opening up the Workspace offering (previously called G Suite) to all users with a Google account, meaning you no longer need to have an enterprise profile to use extra features in Drive, Meet, Docs, Sheets and more.

According to a press release, “now, all of the company’s three billion-plus existing users across consumer, enterprise, and education have access to the full Google Workspace experience.”

You’ll have to turn on Google Chat in Gmail to enable this integrated experience, which frankly might not feel like a big change since free accounts already had access to things like Drive and Docs.

But Workspace brings with it features like smart suggestions in emails or documents, the ability to @-mention other users to add them to tasks and present Google Docs, Sheets or Slides directly within your Meet calls. 

While most of these features are now becoming free, the company is introducing a paid version today called Google Workspace Individual. It’s targeting small business owners and provides “premium capabilities, including smart booking services, professional video meetings, personalized email marketing and much more on the way.” 

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