Wandering in Lahore Without Any Purpose Can Ended Up in Lock-Up

A presence in Lahore without identification or without a purpose can cost you dearly. Knowing the suspect, the police have the power to arrest you without a warrant.

In recent days, Lahore police have arrested several people for wandering. Under Section 55 of the Code of Criminal Procedure 1898, the police can arrest a person without a warrant in case of suspicion by moving a person anywhere without any reason to prevent a possible crime.

These days, the Lahore police has started a series of round-ups on this British-era law or wandering allegation.

A citizen named Abdul Wasit, who has been referred for wandering, told Hum News that he identified the police, explained the reason for his presence, but was caught and taken to the police station.

“I left the house and stood next to a friend. The police came and took me away,” he said.

Police officials say the move has reduced the number of burglaries and thefts.

According to legal experts, Section 55 gives the police the power to catch any citizen roaming for crime prevention but the officers need to keep a check and balance on the personnel, as it is sometimes misused or misused.

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