Knowledge Platform: Join Free Online Platform for Matriculation Exam Preparation

An online ‘Exam Preparation Master’ has been introduced for the ninth and tenth year students of Punjab Province and Federal Board of Education of Pakistan through which students can prepare online for the July 2021 Matriculation Examinations.

Education platform Knowledge Platform Pakistan has introduced a web and app-based platform for online preparation for matriculation exams, a completely free platform for students affected by Corona Lockdown. There is a form for them to make up for their educational loss.

In this regard, Talha Munir Khan, Chief Executive Officer, Knowledge Platform, told Urdu News that the students who are taking admission in the ninth and tenth examinations this year, can fully prepare through this platform.

“The Knowledge Platform is an innovative online learning platform that provides innovative learning opportunities for students in Pakistan.”
“Students should first register themselves on the platform and choose their exam board and class,” he said.

“Through this platform, students will have access to video lessons, exam instructions, chat sheets, old papers as well as preparation papers so that they can prepare well in the shortest possible time.” “Students can also take their own test through this platform and find out how well they are prepared for the exam,” he said.

Talha Munir Khan said that mock tests of each subject have been given for the preparation of the students in the examination. Additional tests will also be added every week, the report of which will be available immediately so that the students can know about their strong and weak skills. I will guess.
Students can use this platform at home through mobile, laptop, tablet at their convenience. Students can prepare for the exam by registering themselves on this online platform ‘Learn Smart Pakistan’.

It is to be noted that according to an estimate, in the separate examinations of the eighth and ninth and tenth of the Federal Boards of Education in Punjab, more or less seven, seven lakh students appear for the examinations every year. And female students participate.

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