CarFirst Partners with C Square to Enhance Customer Experience Via Genesys

CarFirst recently signed an agreement with C Square, which enables companies to provide a consistently memorable customer experience across all touchpoints and enhance their customer journey, powered by Genesys.

Built by disruptors, the Genesys platform is transforming the contact center industry by delivering innovation to companies of all sizes, everywhere. It’s the leading platform for seamlessly integrating voice and digital channels — empowering agents, delighting customers, and creating better business outcomes overall.

The agreement to revolutionize CarFirst’s customer journey was signed at C Square’s Head Office in Karachi. For the signing ceremony, both Raja Murad, CEO CarFirst, and Ahsan Mashkoor, CEO C Square were present.

While commenting on the signing, CEO CarFirst, Raja Murad, said,  “With our highly focused customer-centric and result-oriented approach, we decided to join hands with Genesys to ensure digitally optimized customer solutions to create customer delight at each touchpoint. ”

“The goal is to have the entire customer journey from booking to purchase as seamless and hassle-free for the customer as possible. Therefore, with the appropriate mix of business partners, and now with C Square, we are confident that we will further be able to ensure our presence when needed and be able to provide far more efficacious solutions to our customers.”

About the agreement, CEO C Square, Ahsan Mashkoor, said, “In today’s day where physical interactions are dying down and digital interactions are exponentially increasing, heavy digital footfall’s coming on to your website and social media platforms making it essential to rightly engage and understand customer needs in order to fulfill their requirements and gaining customer loyalty.”

“By gauging their interests and behaviors it is imperative for businesses to provide more tailored and focused solutions as it has been seen that adopting a more CX-lead focus led to 1.6 x higher brand awareness, 1.5x more employee satisfaction, and nearly doubling the rates of customer retention, repeat purchases and enhancing customer lifetime value.”

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