How to Renewing Your CNIC Online With NADRA [Step-by-Step]

If your Computerised National Identity Card (CNIC) or Smart Card is about to expire, then you should apply for it right away. The entire CNIC renewal process normally takes at least 10 days or even more, depending on your mode of application.

The National Database Regulatory Authority (NADRA) has recently introduced three categories of applications for the national identity card: normal, urgent, and executive. 

For a normal application, a CNIC is processed and delivered within a month. The process is a bit faster for urgent applications, which are processed in around 20 days and the executive ones are delivered within 10 days. The charges and procedures may differ for all three applications, which we’ll discuss later. 

As we all know, NADRA now has a digital system, which allows you to use many of its different services right from the comfort of your home. Luckily, now you can also renew your CNIC online by visiting NADRA’s official website. 

Here we have put together this guide to help you with the online CNIC renewal process by explaining it to you in a few easy steps.

So, without further ado, let’s begin!

How to Renew your CNIC Online with NADRA STEP-BY-STEP Instructions

Renew Your CNIC Online With NADRA in 6 Easy Steps
How to Renew Your CNIC Online With NADRA in 6 Easy Steps

The entire online CNIC renewal process has been elaborated below in a step-by-step manner. Have a look!

Visit NADRA Offical Website

Login or Sign Up for Your Nadra Online Acount

  • If you have an account, you can simply sign in with your credentials, but if you are a new visitor, you need to create an online account on NADRA’s PAK-Identity website.
  • Once you have signed in to your account, you need to click on the ‘Online CNIC’ option.
  • A pop-up window will appear. Select the ‘My CNIC has Expired’ option and then click on the ‘Start New Application’ button.

Fill out the Application Form with Required Detilas

You need to fill in all the required details on the form that will appear on your screen. Make sure to enter every required information correctly

Provide Delivery Address for Your Renewed CNIC

  • Now comes one of the most important steps, where you need to provide NADRA with the delivery address for your renewed CNIC. 
  • Once processed, it will be delivered to your provided address, so add every detail correctly.

What is the Online Renewal fee for NADRA CNIC and How to Pay it?

  • As discussed, there are three modes of applications for NADRA CNIC: normal, urgent, and executive. Processing time and fee for all three types of applications have been detailed in the table below:

Normal CNIC 

Application CategoryProcessing TimeCNIC Renewal Fee (PKR)
NormalAround 30 Days400
UrgentAround 20 Days1150
ExecutiveAround 10 Days2150

Smart CNIC

Application CategoryProcessing TimeCNIC Renewal Fee (PKR)
NormalAround 30 Days750
UrgentAround 20 Days1500
ExecutiveAround 10 Days2500

To renew your CNIC online, you can simply pay through your Debit/Credit card.

Upload Your Scanned Documents and Submit the Appliacation

  • Since you’ll be going through the online CNIC renewal process, you need to scan your documents as well as photographs and digitally attach them to your application by the given option on the website.
  • You also need to download a fingerprint form and upload it with your fingerprints as per the direction of NADRA. Here’s a link to the official PDF document by NADRA containing all the necessary fingerprint capturing and uploading guidelines.
  • Carefully review your information and upload the witness form (if required) before submitting your CNIC renewal application online.
  • Your renewed CNIC will finally be delivered to you after the communicated processing time to your chosen address.

Thats all steps you need to follow to re-newal your CNIC card online.

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