‘Ainak Wala Jin’ Returns to Screens Names ‘Return of Nastoor’ [Watch First Episode]

Ainak Wala Jinn is among the biggest TV shows ever viewed in Pakistan. Produced by PTV, the show was aired for four seasons, becoming a fan favourite.

Due to the show’s unprecedented popularity, it was re-aired twice after its initial run amid the public’s appreciation and admiration for the cult classic.

The story of Ainak Wala Jin was conceived by famed writer Hafeez Tahir. The storyline gained a huge fan following from 1993 to 1996, was a concoction of fantasy, reality, and science fiction.

The sequel to the drama “Ainak wala jin” named “Return of Nastoor” has been made and is being aired on Sab Tv. The first episode of “Return of Nastoor ” has been aired on Sab Tv. 

Revolving around a genie named Nastoor who will return to the drama to inspire everyone, the drama has high expectations.

While talking about his dream project, producer Shehzad Qaiser said, “In our story, we have to put three ingredients: fantasy and adventure with a dash of reality. My goal is to take inspiration from our country’s heroes and mix a bit of fantasy with their life stories,” 


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