Here are List of 2000cc Cars List with Expected Reduced Prices

After the 2.5% reduction in Federal Excise Duty (FED), the prices of Cars like toyota fortuner, KIA serento will cut by 2.32%. Keep in mind that these are Ex-Factory prices.

These are expected reduced prices of mentioned vehicles.

Toyota Fortuner:

  • Toyota Indus Motors has launched this SUV in four variants. The first one Fortuner 2.7G will have a price cut of Rs185,577 and now will cost Rs7,813,423 against its current rate of Rs7,999,000.
  • The second one is Fortuner 2.7 VVTi and its price is going to decrease by Rs215,737, and will be available in Rs9,083,263 as compared to its existing rate of Rs9,299,000. 
  • The name of third variant is Fortuner 2.8 Sigma 4 and it would get reduction of Rs223,857. Its current rate is Rs9,649,000 but it’s revised price would be Rs9,425,143. Last but not the least,
  • it is Fortuner TRD Sportino, which will have a price cut of Rs218,057, taking its price to Rs9,180,943 from its existing rate Rs9,399,000.

KIA Sorento: 

The second car in this category is KIA Sorento, which has three variants;

  • The first one is Sorento 2.4 AWD and it will get a price reduction of Rs185,577. The current price of this One-Unit vehicle is Rs7,999,000 and after decline, the new rate would be Rs7,813,423.
  • The second variants is Sorento 2.4 FWD, which is going to get a price decline of Rs162,377 and expected to drop to Rs6,836,623 from its current rate of Rs6,999,000. 
  • Lastly, the third variant, Sorento 3.5 FWD, got a cut of Rs194,857, taking the price to Rs8,204,143 from its current rate of Rs8,399,000.

Here is the complete chart (Price are in PKR):

VariantCurrent Price (Ex-Factory)DifferenceExpected Price (Ex-Factory)
Fortuner 2.7 G7,999,000185,5777,813,423
Fortuner 2.7 VVTi9,299,000215,7379,083,263
Fortuner 2.8 Sigma 49,649,000223,8579,425,143
Fortuner TRD Sportino9,399,000218,0579,180,943
Sorento 2.4 AWD7,999,000185,5777,813,423
Sorento 2.4 FWD6,999,000162,3776,836,623
Sorento 3.5 FWD8,399,000194,8578,204,143

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