PIA Announces Special Flights for Return of Pakistanis Stranded in Gulf Countries

PIA has announced immediate flights to repatriate Pakistanis stranded in Gulf countries. On the instructions of the Minister of Aviation, CEO PIA Air Marshal Arshad Malik has issued orders to send flights to Gulf countries immediately.

In an announcement on Friday, the PIA said that thousands of Pakistanis were stranded in the Gulf due to last-minute cancellations by private airlines.

As part of PIA’s arrangements to repatriate Pakistanis abroad before Eid, four Boeing 777s will be flown from Doha to Pakistan.
According to PIA, it has been decided to use Boeing 777 as an alternative flight to Bahrain instead of Airbus aircraft. The Boeing 777 has three times the capacity of the Airbus.

According to the CEO PIA, they are closely monitoring the needs of Pakistanis in the Gulf countries. The number of flights required will be adjusted according to the demand.

In a statement issued on Friday, CEO Arshad Malik said, “Unlike foreign airlines, we cannot leave our compatriots helpless.”

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