Learn How to Pay Motor Vehicle Tax Online in Sindh and Punjab in 5 Minutes

Paying your motor vehicle tax was a hassle until very recently as you had to visit the Excise and Taxation department, which collects this tax, or designated branches of National Bank of Pakistan. You had to wait, at times for an hour, because of the long queues. If that wasn’t enough, the coronavirus pandemic made it worse. 

Now it will take you about five minutes to pay this tax online and even outside office hours. Here is how you can do it:   

  • Step 1: Go to the official website of the Excise, Taxation and Narcotics Control Department, which collects the motor vehicle tax in Sindh.
  • Step 2: On the home page under the Quick Pay drop down menu, enter your mobile number, car registration number and the given security code. Your vehicle’s details, such as owner name, make, model, registration date and the date you last paid your tax will pop up.
  • Step 3: In the address bar at the bottom, select the period for which you want to pay the tax and then press, ‘calculate tax’. A new window will appear, showing arrears (if the previous tax wasn’t paid), penalty (if any), withholding tax and total tax for the period selected, including service charges.
  • Step 4: Just below the tax amount, check the box that says: deliver challan to me via courier.
  • Step 5: At the bottom right, click ‘Generate PSID’. This will issue your payment slip ID, a 12-digit number, along with its expiry date and time, usually 24 hours. You can also calculate your tax amount and generate the PSID through the ePayment app of the Sindh government.
  • Step 6: Pay your tax using your online account or mobile banking app. Make sure the agency you select is the Excise and Taxation (Sindh), not the Sindh Revenue Board (SRB). Usually, send money (fund transfer), bill payment and recharge (top up) your mobile balance are the most common payment options that appear prominently on your mobile banking app or online account so you may have to select the ‘more’ or ‘services’ option to find the Excise and Tax payment option and within that option you can select the agency or company that collects this tax, Excise and Taxation (Sindh) in this case.

If you don’t have an online account or a mobile banking app, you can still avoid the crowded Excise and Taxation office or NBP branches. Just pay this tax through an ATM using your PSID. If you don’t have an ATM, you can visit the nearest bank and ask them to make this payment using your PSID. This process is called an over-the-counter transaction.

Paying your car tax in Punjab

If you are in Punjab, you can generate your 17-digit payment system identifier or pay slip ID (PSID) using the ePay app of the Punjab government and make the payment using the same process as mentioned above. Before initiating the process, just ask your bank which agency to select for paying your motor vehicle tax using the PSID.

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