Pakistani Diplomat ‘Proud’ of Mountaineer Asad Ali Memon’s Attempt to Scale Towering US Peak

Pakistan’s Consul General in New York, Ayesha Ali, has praised Asad Ali Memon, a young Pakistani mountaineer, for his attempt to climb North America’s highest peak Denali in Alaska.

Asad Ali Memon holds the record of becoming the first Asian and Pakistani to climb the 16,893 feet Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania within 24 hours.

Memon, who hails from Larkana, Sindh, had to give up his expedition late last month after suffering injuries on both of his ankles in subzero temperatures.

The consul general said she was “proud” of Memon’s pursuit to scale the 20,310 feet high Denali in two days, when he called on her.

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