Pakistan Launches Sacrifice facility for Overseas Pakistani’s Through Digital Banking

The State Bank of Pakistan announced on Wednesday that it has been made easier for Pakistanis abroad to make sacrifices on this Eid-ul-Adha.
According to the bank, overseas Pakistanis will now be able to make easy sacrifices from anywhere in the world through their Roshan digital account through leading organizations in Pakistan under the ‘Roshan Social Service’.

Remember that Pakistanis living in some countries are facing difficulties due to local laws for sacrifice. Now they will be given the opportunity to pay this duty from Pakistan sitting at home.

According to the SBP, under the Roshan Social Service Program, overseas Pakistanis who have opened bank accounts in more than 170 countries around the world can now send money to a Pakistani institution of their choice.

According to the SBP, Pakistanis will have to go to Roshan Digital Batch, their bank’s online Roshan Digital Batch, and go to Roshan Social Service Portal.

Then they will see a list of social organizations there which will include Edhi Foundation, Aga Khan Hospital, Akhot Foundation, Chhepa, Indus Hospital, Sailani Trust and Shaukat Khanum Hospital. Select the institution of your choice and deposit the amount donated.

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