Anoushay Abbasi Does a Guest Appearance in AUJ’s Latest Music Video ‘Nawazish’

The multi-talented AnoushayAbbasi who has proven her mettle in acting, singing, modelling, and hosting recently did a guest appearance in AUJ’s latest music video for the song ‘Nawazish’.

Directed by Jalal Roomi, the video features AnoushayAbbasi alongside the band AUJ with a story brewing about love and hate. Abbasi perfectly depicts all the different stages of emotions that one goes through in a relationship.

“Working with AUJ on this video was so much fun. Nawazish is such a beautiful and evocative song, and I absolutely loved the whole vibe of the music video. I hope everyone loves the video as much as I loved working on it.” commented AnoushayAbbasi.

Anoushay has also made her own singing debut with her first single called ‘Peer Bulavey’, and she has also starred in a short musical film called Bewafa.

You can now watch the full music video here:

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