Bhera Interchange Got First EV Charging Station

There is now an EV charging station at Bhera Interchange, which is great news for electric vehicle drivers in Pakistan. As a result, you can now drive your electric vehicle on the highway between Lahore and Islamabad. The CHAN EV Station is a Tesla Industries Pakistan private project named after Nadeem Afzal Chan, former spokesperson for Prime Minister of Pakistan, who attended the station’s inauguration ceremony.

Here’s what we know about the CHAN EV Station.

  • The station is located at the exit of the Bhera South Service Station.
  • There are four high-end ultra fast EV charging ports. Three of them are for European EVs and one for Japanese.
  • All chargers are made in Pakistan.
  • Four electric cars can be charged at a time.
  • 0-80% charging time is just 30 minutes.
  • Per unit charging cost will be 60 to 70 rupees.

Pakistan has a very limited number of electric and hybrid cars. BMW i8, Audi e-tron, MG ZS EV, Toyota Prius are most seen on the roads, and all can be easily charged at the new Chan EV Station at Bhera within 30 minutes.

This is huge for all EV owners because till now they could only drive their electric cars within the city. Now, they can travel to Lahore from Islamabad and charge their EVs on the way. Of course, if you are travelling from Lahore to Islamabad, you’d have to take the long route towards Bhera South to charge the car and then get back on track.

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