Invertors, Portable or Standby Generator ? A Complete Guide to Buying Home Generator in Pakistan

Along with scheduled load-shedding in your area, power outages could also be caused by a variety of other reasons. The electric supply in your home could get affected by a voltage overload in any of your nearest Pole-mount Transformers, more commonly referred to as PMTs, rainy weather, or the routine maintenance work carried out by the concerned power generation and management company like K-Electric in Karachi.

These electricity shutdowns could get hours long, making it hard for you to carry on with your day-to-day activities.

So, if you are also looking to buy a power backup device like a generator for your home use, then this guide will help you out. Here we are going to list down and discuss the best home generators in Pakistan you can buy in 2021, according to their types, sizes, and fuel efficiency.

So, without further ado, let’s get started with our home generator buying guide!

How to choose the right size of generator for your home

choosing the right generator for your home
A small-sized generator produces around 3 to 4kW of power, enough for a small home

The size of the generator greatly depends on your use. If you have a small home with fewer appliances, a small-sized generator that produces around 3 to 4kW of power would be enough for you. On the other hand, if you have a large house or want to run appliances like a fridge, freezer, refrigerator, or an AC, then you may be in need of a bigger generator that can produce more than 6kW of electricity. 

It would cost you more to buy, power up and maintain large home generators. This is why it is important for you to consider your energy requirements carefully and then choose a generator for your home. On a side note, if you want to make your home energy-efficient, don’t forget to read this blog.

Types of home generators in Pakistan

In today’s world, there are three most popular types of generators used for both domestic and commercial purposes. We have listed and discussed each of them below. Take a look!

Portable Generator

Also known as backup generators, these types of generators are the most common ones used in Pakistan. It is because they are cheap and lightweight, making them easy to be moved anywhere. Portable generators are available in petrol, natural gas, and diesel-powered models.

You would often see small shops and offices running portable generators. They can be connected to a circuit-breaker panel with a special switch, which can be turned on or off manually, according to the requirement. A portable generator of normal size can generate up to 7.5 kW of electricity. The power generation capacity may vary from model to model.

Standby Generator

Large houses and apartment complexes, as well as corporate or commercial arrangements, mostly rely on standby generators. Due to its large size, the power capacity of a standby generator can go up to 30kW or even more. For example, if you buy a 15kW home standby generator, you can easily power up all your appliances including air conditioning systems if you have a small living space.

On the other hand, if you have to cater to the electricity needs of a medium-sized or a large household, then you might need a standby generator with a power capacity ranging between 20 kW and 30 kW. The best part about standby generators is that it automatically turns on and off to provide you with an uninterrupted power supply.

In Pakistan, standby generators are widely available in both petrol and diesel-powered models. However, home standby generators that run on diesel are more popular because they are not only more fuel-efficient but also require less maintenance than the ones that are powered with petrol.

Invertor Generator

As the name suggests, inverter generators are more fuel-efficient than regularly-used backup generators. They are also light in weight and generate less noise. However, since they are based on a newer and more complex technology to increase energy efficiency, they are more costly than other portable generators. 

Note: It is important to mention here that inverter generators are not very common in Pakistan yet. Also, the available options could cost you a lot more than normal generators.

Best Home Generators in Pakistan to Buy in 2021

best generators to buy in pakistan
Some of the best generator brands in Pakistan deal in both portable and standby generators

Some of the most popular home generator brands in Pakistan include Honda, Jasco, Yamaha, Elemax, and Homage. Most of these brands deal in both portable and standby generators. The price of a normal-sized portable generator can be anywhere between PKR 50,000 to 250,000, depending on its power capacity. On the other hand, inverter home generators normally cost around PKR 300,000 to 600,000 or even more, according to their brand and specs.

So, if you are looking to buy a backup generator powered by inverter technology, then Atlas Copco is the brand you should check out. It’s a Swedish company that manufactures and provides different types of power solutions. Brands like Honda also deal in inverter generators in Pakistan. Based on the size, their power capacity ranges from 1.5 to 11 kW.

Likewise, the price of large-sized standby generators can go up to PKR 1 million or even more, depending on their functionalities and power capacity. Prices of these generators may also vary from brand to brand. 

Pro Tip: There are also some other lesser-known Chinese and local brands that have generators available for low prices in Pakistan. But, it is always recommended to go for well-known and reliable brands when it comes to buying electronic appliances and power backup devices. 

Now that we have discussed the different types of home generators in Pakistan including their power capacities and latest prices in 2021, it’s time for us to wrap up. We hope the information we have shared with you in this post will help you make an informed decision.

On a side note, if you are looking for the best inverter AC or air cooler in Pakistan, you need to check out these detailed guides that we have written on their electronic appliances.

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