For the First Paskiatan Did Not Report New Cases of Polio in First Six Months of 2022: Report

In the first six months of 2021, Pakistan has seen no new cases of polio a record that was never seen before, reported The News.

“Pakistan has come closest ever to achieve the goal of polio eradication with no wild polio cases in the last six months and consistent decline in the number of positive environmental samples,” focal person for polio eradication Brigadier Shehzad Baig told the publication.

Brigadier Baig said that the geographic distribution of the virus in the country has now been confined only to a few areas.

A report on the status of polio by the ministry of health states that the Polio Eradication Programme has achieved similar results in the past at least once (having low case count), but the significant decrease in the virus in the environment simultaneously, is unique and heartening.

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