Islamabad to Experience Heavy Rain for Next 6-7 Days

Deputy Commissioner Islamabad Hamza Shafqaat said Wednesday the federal capital authorities have started coming up with a plan amid a forecast of heavy rains in the next six to seven days.

The decision comes after at least two people were killed when urban flooding caused by a cloudburst wreaked havoc in the Federal Capital.

The deputy commissioner, in a statement, said: “It is not like entire Islamabad is inundated, only an alley and a house were affected which were cleared within two hours.”

Shafqaat said people have been asked to not visit Korang and Soan rivers and Section 144 has been imposed to keep people from swimming in these rivers.

“Announcements have also been made from mosques to inform people that there is a ban on swimming in rivers,” the deputy commissioner said.

Earlier in the day, Shafqaat had said a cloudburst had caused flooding in various areas, as he informed the people that teams were busy clearing nullahs and roads.

Later, the DC had announced that roads were clear for traffic.

Videos from Islamabad’s sectors E-11 and D-12 show cars floating in gushing waters after heavy rains that lashed the federal capital and Rawalpindi for hours.

The twin cities received the highest rains during the current monsoon season.

Sources in the Pakistan Meteorological Department said that some areas in Islamabad received up to 330mm of rain in the last few hours.

Army called in to assist amid high alert

Pakistan Army troops were deployed in Rawalpindi after the local government sought the military’s help following incessant rains that triggered a high flood in Nullah Lai.

“Heavy rains caused high water level in Nullah Lai and water accumulation in E 11,” the Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) had said in a statement.

It had said that army troops are busy assisting civil administration in rescue and relief efforts.

“Contingency plans are in place to meet any flood situation.”

Earlier, a spokesperson of the National Disaster and Management Authority had said that after heavy rains in Rawalpindi and the danger of possible flooding in Nullah Lai, local administration and emergency services were alerted to deal with any emergencies.

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