Kuwait Is About to Approves China’s Sinovac Vaccination

According to details, Chinese Ambassador Li Ming Gang intensify China’s efforts with Kuwait to include the Chinese vaccine Sinovac in the list of vaccines approved to boost immunity against the corona virus in the state.

He cited a statement from the World Health Organization (WHO) chief as saying that clinical trial data showed that the sinovac vaccine had a high efficacy and a 90% prevention rate of covid 19 cases.

More than 100 countries are using the Chinese vaccine and so far 30 heads of state have publicly received it, which is expected to make travel easier for citizens of other countries, including Chinese people who receive the vaccine.

We hope that passengers entering Kuwait will not be barred from entering Kuwait from August 1 after receiving the Sinovac vaccine.

As far as Kuwaiti-Chinese relations are concerned,Li Ming Gang called them “inseparable” and stressed the need to strengthen their ties, saying that it is common desire for China to promote Kuwait’s development, co-operate, Kuwait Vision 2035.

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