Its Official: New Honda City Prices Revealed

Finally, Honda Atlas has let the cat out of the bag. The company revealed the five variants of the new Honda City and opened their bookings back in May. Two and a half months later, we now know the official prices of these variants. Here they are.

Price of Honda City

Following are the ex-factory prices of the five City variants.

                    Variant                               Price

  1. City 1.2L Manual                          Rs. 2,599,000
  2. City 1.2L CVT                                 Rs. 2,799,000
  3. City 1.5L CVT                                 Rs. 2.,899,000
  4. City Aspire 1.5L MT                     Rs. 3,019,000
  5. City Aspire 1.5L CVT                    Rs. 3,174,000

Booking Price

The booking price of the three standard City variants is Rs. 1 Million, and that of the two Aspire variants is Rs. 1.2 Million. Interestingly enough, Honda has already booked around 12,000 units without even revealing the new sedan. That shows how eagerly people have been waiting for the new City.

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