PIA Announces Special Flights to Iraq on Ashura

National airline PIA has announced special flights to Iraq on the occasion of Ashura.

PIA CEO Arshad Malik said that these flights were being arranged on the special instructions of the government and the Minister of Aviation so that the visitors would not face any difficulty.

For the convenience of visitors, direct flights will be operated from Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi to Najaf. From August 11, 11 flights will take visitors to Najaf.

According to PIA, the return operation of the pilgrims has been scheduled from August 21. Officials say direct flights from Pakistan to Ashura have been demanded for a long time.

CEO Arshad Malik said that it has always been the tradition of PIA to hold special flights on all religious occasions. As a national airline, we have a responsibility to serve and assist visitors.

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