Japan Offers 70 Training Programmes for Pakistanis Online

The government of Japan has decided to offer 70 training programmes in the country and online for Pakistani nationals every year as part of its cooperation for Pakistan’s development.

The programmes widely cover various sectors from social needs such as education, health, water resources, environment and human development, to industrial needs such as agriculture, energy, transportation and ICT.

Governance, disaster risk reduction and gender are also covered. The number and condition of participants and terms are set according to the target of each course.

The programmes for Pakistan have been implemented since 1957 and around 6,000 Pakistanis have participated in them.

The programmes are implemented by JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency), thanks to the support by Japanese ministries, municipalities, universities and relevant organisations.

Under the restriction on overseas travel by the COVID-19 pandemic, JICA is utilising alternative methods such as online communications so that opportunities to participate in the training will not be lost.

Japanese ambassador Matsuda Kuninori said the participants should make the maximum benefit from the training programmes for own and country’s development.

He hoped that the participants who would broaden their knowledge in Japan could contribute to the bright future of Pakistan and further strengthening of Japan-Pakistan relations.

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