MG HS Exclusive Booking Is Reopend

As per the official page of MG Pakistan Motors, the consumers can book the car for Rs1,150,000. “The HS Exclusive is the most equipped luxury SUV on the Pakistani roads,” the company claimed.

The ex-factor price of MG HS Exclusive is Rs5,749,000.

Like the rest of the car companies, MG Pakistan is also facing the issue of late deliveries. Addressing the problem, the company issued a statement yesterday, saying that there is a global shortage of semiconductor chips and the whole international automotive industry is affected by it. “This is beyond anyone’s control, and deliveries are being delayed for all car brands,” MG stated.

The company has urged its consumers to have faith in it and show support and patience in these testing times. Meanwhile, MG Pakistan representative Javed Afridi said that MG aims to provide the latest cars at reasonable prices. “People have booked MG cars in record numbers; however, MG, like others, is also affected by COVID-19,” he said. He further said that the company is working tirelessly to resolve the issue and asked the consumers to stand with the company.

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