PIA Closed Booking for Emirate Due to Unavailbility of Rapid PCR Test Facility

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has closed bookings for the UAE until August 12 after the condition of rapid PCR test was imposed.

A PIA spokesperson told Urdu News on Saturday that the condition of rapid PCR test has been imposed four hours before departure for the UAE and this facility is not immediately available in Pakistan. Due to that, the booking is close.

A quick PCR test before boarding the plane will apply, in addition to applying the precautionary and preventive measures upon arrival, including quarantine and a PCR test.

The spokesman said bookings would continue under the special travel advice for Sharjah and Al Ain and bookings for Abu Dhabi would be opened from August 11.

According to these laboratories, Rapid PCR fee of Rs. 6390 will be charged.
Keep in mind that along with rapid PCR, passengers will also have to carry a negative report of PCR regular corona test. Thus, the Corona test will cost passengers Rs 12,780

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