Sialkot Become First Airport to Provide Rapid PCR Test Facility for UAE-Bound Passengers From Tomorrow

For the passengers going to UAE, the facility of rapid PCR test in Pakistan will be available for the first time at Sialkot Airport from tomorrow.
On the other hand, Fly Dubai has abandoned its plan with Karachi laboratories to conduct rapid PCR tests in laboratories.

“Good news for those residing in the UAE who wish to return, that there will be six weekly flights from Sialkot from tomorrow, Tuesday, August 10,” said a guide issued by Fly Dubai to its passengers.

In this regard, the passengers have been informed that the condition of Rapid PCR has been laid down by the UAE government. In this regard, a rapid PCR test facility has been arranged at the airport in collaboration with City Lab.

Passengers need to arrive at the airport five to six hours before their scheduled departure time and register at the laboratory desk. Passengers will submit a sample for the test four hours before departure time and the test report will be provided to them within 90 minutes.

Passengers will be able to go to the check-in counters only after receiving the Negative Rapid PCR report.

It may be recalled that on Saturday, Fly Dubai had allotted three laboratories in Karachi for rapid PCR test, but now that plan has been abandoned.

According to Fly Dubai, the facility of rapid PCR test will be available at Karachi Airport soon. Talks are underway with some laboratories in this regard.

In this regard, the spokesperson of City Lab said that so far the facility of rapid PCR test is available only at Sialkot Airport. The rest of the cities do not have airport facilities, but tests can be done in a laboratory in Karachi.

Remember that passengers must have a PCR test from an approved laboratory within 72 hours of departure before the rapid PCR and have a negative report with them.

In addition, those wishing to travel to the UAE are required to register on the UAE government’s web portal and provide information about their vaccinations and other travel information.

The UAE government had on August 5 partially lifted the travel ban from other countries, including Pakistan, and allowed the holders to come. Rapid PCR was required at the airport, but due to lack of facilities in Pakistan, hundreds of passengers were offloaded.

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