Here is Advance Tax Rate List For Car Registration 2021-2022

Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has issued rates of advance tax on registration or transfer of motor cars.

The provincial motor vehicle authorities deduct advance tax under Section 231B of Income Tax Ordinance, 2001 from persons getting new locally manufactured motor vehicle transferred in their name.

The provincial authorities collect the advance tax at the time of registration of new motor vehicles.


The rate of advance tax on registration/transfer of motor vehicles:

  1. Up to 850cc: Rs7,500 and for persons not on Active Taxpayers List (ATL) Rs15,000
  2. 851cc to 1000cc: Rs15,000 and for persons not on ATL Rs30,000
  3. 1001cc to 1300cc: Rs25,000 and for persons not on ATL Rs50,000
  4. 1301c to 1600cc: Rs50,000 and for persons not on ATL Rs100,000
  5. 1601cc to 1800cc: Rs75,000 and for persons not on ATL Rs150,000
  6. 1801cc to 2000cc: Rs100,000 and for persons not on ATL Rs200,000
  7. 2001cc to 2500cc: Rs150,000 and for persons not on ATL Rs300,000
  8. 2501cc to 3000cc: Rs200,000 and for persons not on ATL Rs400,000
  9. Above 3000cc: Rs250,000 and for persons not on ATL Rs500,000

The tax collected/deducted under this head is adjustable against total payable liability of the taxpayer.

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