Taliban Related Content is Banned on Facebook Now

Amid the Taliban’s rapid takeover of Afghanistan, the social media tech giant Facebook has banned Taliban related content which confirms that the platform considers the group to be a terrorist organization.

Despite prohibitions, Taliban members have reportedly continued to use Facebook’s end-to-end encrypted messaging service WhatsApp to communicate directly with Afghanis.

A Facebook spokesperson said the company was closely monitoring the situation in the country and that WhatsApp would take action on any accounts found to be linked with sanctioned organizations in Afghanistan.

On Twitter, Taliban spokesmen with hundreds of thousands of followers have tweeted updates during the country’s takeover.

The company points to its policies against violent organisations and hateful conduct but is yet to answer questions about how it makes its classifications.

As per Twitter’s rules, the platform does not allow groups that promote terrorism or violence against civilians.

Marking the Taliban’s return, the takeover has given birth to fears that a complete crackdown of freedom of speech and human rights, especially women’s rights, will prevail in the country.

Moreover, Taliban officials have issued statements saying they want peaceful international relations and have promised to protect Afghans.

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