Xiaomi Will No Longer Use Its Synonymous ‘Mi’ Brand For Future Products: Report

Xiaomi launched the under-screen camera touting Mix 4 not too long ago and the company’s stuck with the ‘Mi’ branding on all of its high-end smartphones — and previously budget smartphones too — for almost 10 years now.

Well, in what’s certainly an interesting development, the company’s now confirmed that it might do away with the ‘Mi’ branding for its future releases.

In a statement to XDADevelopers, Xiaomi revealed that the move isn’t just being planned, but is already in motion. The company claims that it has ditched the Mi branding in a pivotal move that will see its future devices launch without its synonymous branding.

The first such product is, of course, the Mix 4 that’s powered by the Snapdragon 888+ chipset. That said, XDA reports that Xiaomi’s products sold in China have already dropped the Mi branding. It appears the latest move is in line with that transition, streamlining its new branding globally.

In addition to smartphones, the trade name has also been traditionally used for other product categories such as tablets, wearables, and laptops. So it looks like we won’t be seeing that trademark in those devices either. In fact, don’t be surprised to see Xiaomi debut products at its Smarter Living event and launch a whole catalogue of products

Could be just a coincidence, but the change arrives weeks after Xiaomi surpassed Samsung as the world’s top smartphone company with a market share of 17.1%. On the other hand, Samsung’s market share dropped to 15.7%, followed by Apple at 14.3%.

It’s also interesting to note that the firm decided to drop the Mi branding just over four months after it redesigned the Mi logo with rounded corners. For Mi fans, Xiaomi’s existing devices bearing the Mi brand will remain as is, like the Mi 11 series. But we shouldn’t expect a Mi 12 to show up. Certainly interesting times for the brand in India, where a lot of users buy products solely because of the ‘Mi’ branding.

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