UK to Remove Pakistan From Red-List in Travel Update Due Today

Pakistan and Turkey likely to be moved off of travel red list of the United Kingdom as their government huddles Thursday to update its travel advisory for countries barred from flying into the Kingdom.

There is some pressure of easing the restrictions for passengers arriving from Pakistan, the newspaper report said. These changes are due to be signed off on Thursday by the government.

The UK’s travel light system still maintains 60 countries whose passengers are not allowed entry in England.

Only British nationals residents and are allowed to travel from these countries and on the condition that they stay in a hotel for 11 nights post-arrival, with a minimum cost as high as £2,285 (Rs519,933) for an adult.

It is despite the fact that the quarantine rules were relaxed last month, allowing fully vaccinated travellers returning from amber-list countries to avoid self-isolating.

Turkey accompanies Pakistan, which has 60 countries, in the UK’s red-light but its officials said it is to be moved to the amber list within days.

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