Sanam Chaudhry says she is ‘turning to Allah’

Celebrities from across the globe have often made headlines when they leave their lives full of glamour behind and turn towards a spiritual livelihood.

The latest celebrity to leave a well-polished career behind is actress Sanam Chaudhry who has decided to pursue religious endeavours. 

Turning to her Instagram handle, Sanam gave an insight of celebration surprise from her family. The adorable celebration was a way to show support as she embarked on her spiritual journey

“My family welcomed me this way, on turning to Allah. This is so heartwarming… Thank you,” the actor wrote.

The huge announcement came a day prior to her birthday. Moreover, the gorgeous star has also removed her pictures from social media and kept a few pictures on her profile.

She has changed the description of being an actress on her Instagram account. Her new description says, “A Muslim, a mother and learning Islam, the deen of our creator Allah ♥️”.

Earlier, Sanam tied the knot with the Pakistani musical artist Chohan back in November 2019. The couple welcomed their first child last year in October.

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