NH&MP Issuing Internationally Valid Driving Licences

Driving Licencing Authority (DLA) of National Highways and Motorway Police (NH&MP) was issuing international standard driving licences through a proper professional procedure to facilitate local and overseas diaspora of the country.

According to NH&MP guide for practical driving test, the driving licence was being issued after a comprehensive theoretical as well as practical driving test. After going through the test series, the holder of NH&MP driving licence will be qualified, skilled and safe driver, it added.

Licences issued by NH&MP Driving Licencing Authority (DLA) are valid nationally and internationally. The licence holders having licences issued from other licencing authorities can also get NH&MP driving licence after qualifying the tests.

As per NH&MP data, every year more than 12,000 precious lives are lost in road accidents in the country.

The NH&MP over the years has analyzed causes of these accidents on the Highways and Motorways.

Although the drivers involved in accidents had proper driving licences, duly issued by district driving licencing authorities but, unfortunately cause of accidents reflected complete lack of knowledge and traffic sense on part of the driver.

NH&MP has established a licencing authority, as mandated by NHSO-2000, with the aim to raise standards of licencing in the country. NH&MP driving licences are issued after the applicants qualified the theoretical and practical driving tests.

The theoretical test assesses the knowledge of traffic laws/rules of the candidate while practical test examines his/her practical expertise in driving.

To facilitate applicants in attaining the required expertise, a practical test guide book has been compiled to prepare them better for the driving tests.

After passing the theoretical test, the fresh applicant will appear for practical driving test Part-1, after a period of 42 days, while in case of conversion the applicant can appear for test on the same day or as directed by the examiner. The NH&MP has emerged as a competent and reputed police force in the country with hands on experience in the field of policing vast sprawling highways and motorway networks with limited staff.

However, the detailed procedure for issuing international standard driving licences to local and overseas Pakistanis was aimed at allowing responsible drivers on the roads that would help reduce road accidents.

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