Did this Pakistani Restaurant Just Try to Copy Emirates’ Viral Burj Khalifa Shoot?

On August 5, Dubai-based airline Emirates put out a death-defying video showing a ‘flight attendant’ at the very top of the Burj Khalifa. It was their way of celebrating the UAE’s move off the UK’s red list.


VIDEO: Behind the Scenes of Emirates’ Bold Burj Khalifa Commercial Stunt with Nicole Smith-Ludvik

Well, a Karachi-based restaurant seems to have found inspiration in the heights, as it took to Instagram with a video that netizens are calling uncannily similar to the recent stunt by Emirates.

Zameer Ansari – North Chapter’s video shows a woman standing atop a height, holding up placards — just like in the Emirates ad. These, however, were to inform viewers of the return of the venue’s rooftop dining services.

“Since 1984, Zameer Ansari has been on the top of the BBQ league. Now we are back! At the top of North Nazimabad,” they read.

The camera then zooms out to show the woman standing atop the highest point of the building housing the restaurant before going for a bird’s-eye view of the city.

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