Proton To Start Car Deliveries By End Of September

Al-Haj Motors has announced that it will start deliveries of Proton by the end of this month. It is pertinent to mention that the company could not deliver cars due to COVID-19 restrictions in Malaysia.

In a statement, the company stated that the car deliveries will complete during October 2021. It means car manufacturer will complete whole process within a month. Al-Haj Motors said it is fully aware of the inconvenience. “The factors of delay were beyond our control, for which we apologize,” the company said.

The car manufacturer further said that Rs5,390,000 was a special introductory and subsidized price for our initial customers. “Since that time, freight costs have increased multiple times as well as Pakistani rupee has devalued against USD by nearly 6%,” the company said. Despite this rise in cost, Al-Haj has decided not to increase the retail price of imported X70. “The company took the step to accommodate the delays in deliveries of CBU X70. 

On August 30th, Al-HAJ Automotive announced that the restrictions in Malaysia have been eased. In a statement, the company told its consumers that the resumption of industrial activities in Malaysia has allowed Proton to continue its operations. “Al-HAJ Automotive and Proton Malaysia are working together to ensure earliest possible arrangement of shipments to Pakistan,” the statement read.

The company further said that this will lead to the fulfilment of pending CBU orders and start the local assembly of Proton cars in Pakistan. It is pertinent to mention that the local assembly of Proton cars, X70 and Saga, was on hold due to delayed shipment of CKD kits from Malaysia due to COVID-19 lockdown.

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