Pizza Hut Pakistan Removed Mushrooms and Olives from Their Menu Permanently

Yes, you have heard that right! Mushrooms and olives have been removed from their menu as pizza toppings and netizens are asking ‘why?’

‘The case of the missing toppings’ came to light when a Twitterati revealed that his friend received a pizza without any mushrooms or olives. When he inquired with the Customer Service Representative at Pizza Hut, they revealed that the two essential toppings have been removed from the menu.

Replying to the tweet, the pizza chain said:

“We are always listening closely to our customers. Customers like you will make us better with your feedback. We will work harder and improve ourselves. Hope that your next experience will be much better…Do order from us soon!”

Not being able to get a grasp of the situation, the netizen again asked if it’s true. To our utter dismay, Pizza Hut has really removed mushrooms and olives from all of their pizzas.

We even checked their website in hope that the restaurant might play a prank on us, but all we got was disappointment and agony.

Sadly, mushrooms and olives have been removed from Pizza Hut’s menu.
Sadly, mushrooms and olives have been removed from Pizza Hut’s menu.

Mushrooms and olives are pizza staples in Pakistan and we can’t imagine our pizzas without them. Disappointed at the new change in the menu, a netizen even suggested Pizza Hut to remove cheese and dough next.

Another netizen called this a ‘blasphemous’ act.

“What is this behavior,@PizzaHutPak? No olives or mushrooms on a pizza? That’s the equivalent of removing onions and tomatoes from desi dishes.”

But life surely goes on.

What would you like to suggest pizza hut for this unusual act? If you like to remove things from pizza, what would be these? Feel free to commet

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