Geo Serial ‘Fitoor’ Last Episode Today

The Geo TV’s drama serial ‘Fitoor’ has reached its end after enjoying a fantastic reception by the viewers from its first episode.

The serial was made under the banner of ‘Seventh Sky Entertainment’ of Abdullah Kadwani and Asad Qureshi, and would finally be on air on Thursday at 8 pm. The viewers are excited to watch the end of the story and praying to have an end according to the wishes.

Throughout the story, the characters are given full-fledge exposure to show their talent and exhibit the real drama on the screen, somehow, they succeeded to enchant the hearts of the people, while Dilnashin, a character, saw many ups and downs.

In Zanzibal Asim’s writing, Hamza’s madness got him in trouble sometimes, and Mahmal’s jealousy made her restless, but with Haider’s love, the currents of heart-wrenching fate continued to shine. In the last episode directed by Siraj-ul-Haq, Dilanshin is at a crossroads.

Will Haider’s distrust prevail over Dilnashin’s love or will there be no choice but to die? All this will be shown in this last episode. In this serial ups and downs of love, Faisal Qureshi has won the hearts of the viewers by playing a lively and central role. Apart from this, Hiba Bukhari, Kiran Haq and Wahaj Ali have also left long lasting impressions on the people through their brilliant performances. In the soundtrack of this story full of curiosity and attraction, Shani Arshad with Aima Baig breathed life into Sabir Zafar’s poetry with the magic of his voice and composition.

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