President Arif Alvi Takes Notice of a Bionic Films Production Trying to Change Mindsets

Health has always been an increasingly important agenda for our government and our President. Recently the President of Pakistan took to his Twitter account and shared an important message, along with an ad film produced by Bionic Films for KhairKhwah.

In Pakistan people usually hide behind a ‘brown bag’, and they avoid conversations that are considered taboo. They either feel too ashamed to discuss such matters or are afraid of what others might think about them. Bionics Films, however, did a terrific job highlighting the importance of starting a conversation about such topics.

The ad campaign launched in July and continues to play an important role when it comes to spreading awareness for family planning and the health of women and children. The President also took notice of the campaign and advocated for the key message behind it.

“Health in my country is closely related to the health of the mother & child. We as a nation must prioritize what is important and manage the family for a prosperous Pakistan. Take care of numbers & ensure good health. Don’t ignore, recognize, discuss, communicate and propagate.” Wrote Dr. Alvi on his Twitter.

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