How To Scan Windows PC For Malware: A Step-By-Step Guide

If you believe that your windows PC is contaminated with malware otherwise you simply intend to carry out a routine scan as part of the digital cleanup course of, then right here is a few excellent news for you. Microsoft Windows has a built-in safety software that may help you on this course of. Coming by the title Windows Security, it eliminates your requirement of buying a paid third-party software program.

Previously, Windows Security was obtainable by the title Windows Defender Security Center and the present app is kind of just like its predecessor. Exploring “Windows Defender” within the Start menu will pop up the Windows Security choice. Even as we speak Microsoft usually refers to its actual antivirus scanning as Windows Defender.

While the built-in anti-malware software program by Microsoft was thought-about to be utterly nugatory by tech pundits, as we speak it may possibly compete in opposition to famend names like Avast and Kaspersky. Windows Security can block 99.7 per cent of threats.

Tech large Microsoft has additionally been selling safety with Windows 11 and at occasions has confusingly locked out people with older era computer systems that wouldn’t have a selected {hardware} configuration.

When it involves plain previous software program safety, nevertheless, then Windows 11 is comparatively easy.

To entry it, you could merely kind “Windows Security” within the Start menu search on the left backside of the display screen. You may also entry it by going to “Settings” then “Privacy & Security” after which “Windows Security.” This will enable you with a quick summary of your system’s status.

Then you can click the “Open Windows Security” choice to garner entry to the total utility.

Here is how you can perform a malware scan on Windows 11

Windows’ built-in security will operate in the background by default and endeavour to quickly block any malicious data that make their way to your PC. You can also run a manual scan if you aim to perform periodic spot checks.

Step 1: To perform a manual scan, go to “Windows Security” then “Virus & threat protection,”

Step 2: Click on the “Quick scan” option. If you want to perform a more comprehensive scan, which will take more time but will review all your files and operating programs, you can alternatively click the “Scan options” button, and select “Full scan.”

Step 3: If Windows detects malware through the scan, you can select the “Start actions” button to begin the method of eliminating the virus(es) out of your system.

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