Pakistan to Launch Special Weekly Vaccination Campaigns at Madrassas and Schools

The first dosage of the coronavirus vaccine must be given to everyone in Pakistan by October 31. Dr. Faisal Sultan, Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Health, officially announced.

The deadline for complete vaccination, which includes both doses, has been set for November 30.

At a press conference in Islamabad, Dr Sultan said that normal classes at schools, colleges, and universities will commence from October 11 [Monday]. “After educational institutions reopen, we will launch special weekly vaccination campaigns at madrassas and schools.”

“It is important for parents to get their children, who are above or of the age of 12 years, immunised,” Dr Sultan urged, stressing that children have massively suffered during the coronavirus lockdowns and can’t afford the prolonged break from studies anymore.

“Don’t pay attention to fake news. Vaccination will help prevent the spread of the pandemic.”

The SAPM added that sometimes students may report fevers or some may faint but that’s completely okay and normal.

According to the health department, students will be administered the Pfizer vaccine free of cost. Here are the guidelines NCOC, issued on September 14, for the vaccination of students:

After October 31, unvaccinated students won’t be allowed to enter campuses.

  • Students, 12 to 17 years, with impaired immune systems will be administered the Pfizer vaccine.
  • The age group for vaccination has been lowered to 12 years.

For people below the age of 18 years, the Child Registration Certificate (B- Form) number will be used for registration in NIMS (National Immunisation Management System)

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