Pakistani Passport Fees in Italy

Due to the rise in violence and war in recent decades, migration has become a global phenomenon. The purpose of this blog post is to answer some of the most frequently asked questions about Pakistani passport fees in Italy. 

I am writing this post because I have seen many people asking “Pakistani passport fees in Italy” on Quora. The Pakistani embassy in Rome has the most updated information about what you need to get a Pakistani passport and how much it will cost. 

When applying for your first Pakistani passport, you will need to pay $205 USD plus an additional $85 USD for the registration of birth certificates. If you are renewing your Pakistanis passport. 

They charge $175 USD per person if they already have their own copy of their birth certificate or $285 per person without one. They also charge extra for additional pages in the passport. The first page is $25 USD, and each other page is $35 USD.

Ship Documents Back With DHL and FedEx

 Ship Documents Back With DHL and FedEx

People often ask if they should use DHL or FedEx to ship their documents back to them. Unfortunately, you cannot choose which courier service you would like to use because it all depends on the staff working at the time of your application.

If there are people working at the embassy who work for DHL, you will be sent through DHL only if they called your number first. However, this means that you may end up waiting for months before someone calls your number. It’s very important that you call yourself after two days (if it says that they can’t schedule an appointment for another day; you should call another day).

If you need help with the process, there is a Pakistani community in Rome where you can get help. However, they are mostly occupied with getting visas (not passports) to go back home for family gatherings, etc. If you’re already in Italy and cannot afford to pay passport fees in Italy.

I suggest that you send your child who’s eligible to apply for one because children under 6 years of age do not have to pay passport fees at all. You should also check whether or not DHL will be cheaper than FedEx because DHL was much cheaper when I applied for mine! Hope this helps.

Pakistani  Passport Fees in Italy Euro

Pakistani  Passport Fees in Italy Euro

Pakistani passport is a document that you need to have if you are going to Italy. It is not just a travel document, but it also contains your identity and nationality. The fee for getting a Pakistani passport in Italy is € 100.00.

This fee is paid by the applicant themselves and it can be made with cash or credit card (VISA, Mastercard). If you make the payment using cash, then there will be an additional charge of € 10 as commission fees on top of the initial € 100 charged for issuing the passport.

Pakistani Passport  Renewal in Italy Online

Pakistani passport renewal in Italy online is a process that needs to be done with utmost care. The Pakistani embassy states that you are not eligible for the service if your passport has more than 15 years of remaining validity, if it’s damaged or mutilated, or if there are any discrepancies between your personal details and those on the application form.

The embassy also states that if you are ineligible to apply for the service, then your passport will be returned along with all its related documents. It’s best to get in touch with the embassy directly to know more about Pakistani passport renewal in Italy online because it handles these cases differently depending on your individual circumstances.

Pakistani Passport Fees in Italy Image

You need to provide two images when applying for a Pakistani passport in Italy. Therefore, you must visit any registrar center or authorized photo studio nearby that provides this service.

The photo needs to be clear and should not have any damage or modifications made to it whatsoever. You can choose between black and white or color images but there is no difference in terms of fees paid. Note: At the photo studio, you may be asked to purchase additional photos if they are not satisfied with the quality of the ones provided by you.

Pakistani Passport Fees in Italy Age

There is no Pakistani passport fee for people under 6 years of age. However, their passport will only have one page so this option is best suited if there are less than three people on your application form.

Make sure to include all names and nationalities even if it means making a separate document for each person applying. Please note that at age 11 years or older, children will need a full-size passport as well as their birth certificates/registration papers, both of which can be acquired from local city offices free of charge.

How Much Does It Cost to Get a New Passport in Italy

To get an Indian passport, applicants have to pay the following fees:

Indian Passport Fee for Adult Applicants (16 years or older): Rs. 5,000/- Indian Passport Fee for Child Applicants (Below 16 years): Rs. 3,000/- To get an Italian passport, applicants have to pay the following fees:

Italian Passport Fees for Adults

Renewal of 10-year validity passport: € 263.5  Renewal of 5-year validity passport: € 158.7 Issuance of new 10-year validity passport: € 263.5 Issuance of new 5-year validity passport: € 158.7  Fees are not refundable under any circumstances. To know the complete cost of getting an Indian passport or Italian passport, you can visit their respective websites.

Please note that your additional 4 pages will cost an extra Euro 32,00. if you want to add them to your new passport. Can I apply for my child’s renewal online?    Yes, you can apply for a child’s renewal online if s/he is less than 12 years old and has not yet reached his/her 11th birthday on the date of application.

Required Documents  For Italian Passport

You need to provide all the required documents as well as 2 recent photos with white background at the time of completion of the online application form. The birth certificate photocopy needs to be attested by COE (I am not sure what this is) and the consulate should have the attestation stamp.

As an illustration, if your child’s birth date falls on the 14th of a given month then you need to add 1 year in 12 months to find his/her actual age at that point in time. For example, If she was born on 14th November 2014, her age as per the passport application form must be written like 3 years 5 months (14+1=15).

You can use this formula for verification for all other cases except when the birthdate falls in January or February. In such a case, applicants can refer to their school leaving certificates which will state their respective DOB.

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