Pakistani Passport Fees UK

A Pakistani passport is a document that serves as the identity of the person and provides them with diplomatic immunity. Recently Pakistan has increased its passport fees for UK nationals, which will affect those who need to renew or apply for a new one.

The increase in price is due to recent changes made by the British government and could be subject to change again in the future. Here we provide information about how much Pakistani passports cost for UK nationals, what this fee entails, and other things you should know before applying.

How much does a Pakistani passport cost for UK Nationals?

A Pakistani passport costs £93 in the United Kingdom, which is made up of two fees. The first fee is £42 which is the processing fee for completing your application. This makes up most of the total cost when applying for a new one or renewing an old one.

The second fee is known as the ‘Passport Service Fee’ and includes courier delivery, document checking service, and providing you with access to additional information about your passport (such as changes in security features).

This second fee will include an administration charge that helps us recover some of our outlay plus a contribution to meet government policy objectives. It currently amounts to £51.52 but could change in the future.

Currently, these fees are set to increase due to new changes made by the British government on June 15th, 2015.

The new prices are £99 for adults, which will be processed for between 6-8 weeks, and £81.50 for children under 16 years of age, whose passports will usually take 3 weeks to process. This is about a 7% price rise so not much but it could have more of an effect depending on your circumstances. Here we have provided information on how the current fees work along with any potential increases so you can know what you can expect when applying.

You should also remember that if there are any mistakes or changes that need to be made then you may have additional charges which will need to be covered. This can include a mistake made by you or an error from the government so it’s important to be aware of this if something does go wrong.

The main point is that Pakistani passports for UK nationals should not cost more than £93 in total, consisting of the two fees mentioned above. Anything else will either be a mistake or due to changes being made by the British government and should have no impact on your application.

Pakistani passport renewal UK fee

Pakistani passport renewal UK fee

Pakistani passport renewal UK fee is the best way for you to get your Pakistani passport renewed. You can do it through authorized service providers. They will take care of all the procedures and help you with your application process. All you have to do is fill out a form and give them a copy of your current passport, which they will return back to you after completing their services. It’s easy!

The fee for Pakistani passport renewal in the UK is not too high. Pakistani passport renewal in the UK has almost the same fee (approximately £74) as a new Pakistani passport application with all Pakistan embassy facilities, services, and privileges at no extra cost above this fee. 

Additionally, if you are traveling to any country that requires visas then they may ask for additional fees at their embassies or consulates to legalize your visa. Consular facilities charge (approximately USD 10-20) per visa.

Embassies charge (approximately USD 20-80) per entry visa; Consulates charge around (USD 80) for USA immigrant visas and will never issue multiple entries within a single turn of events. This price varies depending on the embassy or consulate, so it is best to double-check with them what you have to pay.

Pakistani passport application status Uk

For Pakistani passport application status in the UK, you will need to visit a local police station and obtain a statement of truth. You can find the nearest one on this website: The statement of truth is a document which you will be required to fill in and submit when you apply for your new Pakistani passport.

This can take up to 2 weeks and must be obtained before submitting your application; otherwise, it will not be processed successfully. It costs around £5 but this can vary depending on the police station you choose.

Pakistani passport application form UK

Pakistani passport application from the UK costs around £80 but this varies depending on your circumstances. This price does not include any additional fees for changes, mistakes, or errors that are the responsibility of the applicant to pay for.

Please note you can get more information on a Pakistani passport application from the UK by contacting your local Pakistan embassy or consulate.

Pakistani passport photo requirements the UK

Pakistani passport photo requirements in the UK are a must-have when applying for a new Pakistani passport, which is around £10 in most cases. This varies depending on the size of the photo and can be obtained from a professional photographer or a supermarket.

Pakistani Passport Renewal Uk Online

Pakistani Passport Renewal – FAQs from the Gov.UK website: You can now apply to renew your Pakistani passport online. The process is quick and easy, and because you apply yourself there’s no need to give up time with your family or run the risk of missing a flight as you queue for a Visa application appointment at an embassy or consulate. And best of all, it costs nothing! 

The Pakistan Electronic Passport (PEP) system is a trusted Government of Pakistan initiative that was launched on 20th January 2010 in response to public demand for effective management of migration flow through border control facilitation by maximizing the use of technology in order to expedite procedures, reduce cost and enhance transparency.

Pakistani Passport Renewal Uk Appointment

The exact location of our office is at the British High Commission in Islamabad, Pakistan. The telephone number for emergencies is +92-51-2302 8800. Call for general inquiries is +92-51 451 59 55 ext. 256.

The Pakistani Government has set out these requirements for Pakistani Police Clearances which are required to obtain a visa from the British Embassy in Islamabad. Requirements vary, based on nationality and country of residence, but these are some general guidelines to be aware of – they include release/clearance certificate, employment letter, or police clearance certificate issued by your town’s police station superintendent (encoding namaaz). With regards to residence permit holders or expatriates registered with NADRA or EPTR, they should procure their eligibility letter from EPTR.

Pakistani passport application form over counter UK

Pakistani passport application form over counter UK

Please note if you do not have a Police Clearance Certificate then you will need to obtain it before applying for your new passport. If applying through the Post Office, you must bring either picture of yourself or your parents with them already holding this document; please note you will need to ensure it is not an old document as it can take up to 2 weeks for it to be delivered.

Pakistani passport application form UK fees

The Pakistani passport service is carried out by the UK Post Office, under contract with the British High Commission, Islamabad. It costs £80 and should take 4-6 weeks to be processed. If applying by post, you must provide 2 photographs (35 x 45mm) for each applicant.

Pakistan Passport Renewal Uk

UK passport renewal procedure can be done from outside the UK with unconditional nationality if the following conditions are fulfilled: Below 16 years of age when they have been issued a new passport. 

  • Under 16 and living in Pakistan at the time of issue of a new passport. 
  • Under 16 and adopted before they were 5 years old.

Permanently resident in Pakistan, Bangladesh, or Sri Lanka when they have been issued a new passport for the first time only. 

Airlines to these countries without delay which is within 3 months from the expiry date mentioned on the current British travel document. After getting an appointment booked with HM Passport Service agents in one of these countries, you would need to book flights that arrive in the UK less than 3 months from the expiry date mentioned on your current British Passport.

Pakistani Passport Renewal Uk Over The Counter

Pakistani Passport Renewal Uk Over The Counter

NOTE: If you have not lived in the above countries, then applying for a renewal of passport is done via the Post Office instead which costs £62.50. 

To start this process you need to get an appointment booked with the UK Passport Service. You can book an appointment in 3 simple steps by following this link. This process is straightforward, but you will need to have possession of your current passport because it needs to be photocopied at the time of your appointment.

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