How to Draw a Sports Car

Drawing a sports car may seem like an intimidating task. However, with the right tools and guidance, you can create your own awesome piece of art that will have everyone drooling over it! In this blog post. 

We’ll go over how to draw a sports car from start to finish. We’ll be using Adobe Photoshop and drawing tablets for this tutorial but feel free to use whatever equipment you prefer. Let’s get started! 

This is my first blog post intro paragraph on how to draw a sportscar in photoshop. I hope you enjoy it and find it helpful.!

See my article on drawing a sportscar in photoshop. It’s one of my best articles yet. I love to draw photoshop drawings they are so much fun! If you like this article, please share it or comment below.

See my article on drawing a sportscar in photoshop. I have included great new blog post images with each step on how to draw a car in Photoshop. This is an awesome tutorial that any beginner can follow through and understand easily. If you like this article, please share it or comment below.

How to Draw a Sports Car in Photoshop

Intro paragraph about how to draw a sports car in Photoshop, step by step using great pictures for blog post images all throughout the website page. Don’t forget to put your mouse over text for more information on how to draw a car in photoshop.

This is my last blog post paragraph on how to draw a sportscar in photoshop. I hope you enjoyed all of the articles I have written on how to do it yourself at home without paying tons of money for expensive art classes. If you like this article, please share it or comment below.

Now that we’ve got the boring stuff out of the way, let’s get started with actually drawing our sports car!

How to Draw a Sports Car in 5 Simple Steps

Sketch Out An Outline of Our Car

The first thing we’re going to do is sketch out an outline of our car. There’s no need to be too detailed at this stage since we’ll perfect the shape and curves in a later step.

Circles for the Body of the Car

Draw 2 circles for the body of the car and 1 smaller circle on top for the roof. Then draw a larger crescent moon shape for one side-view mirror and a wavy line to define the driver-side window. Next, add 4 short lines below each wheel joining them together at their base with an “S” curve.

tips for dwaring sports car

Develop Our Sports Car

We’ve now got a rough framework from which we can develop our sports car! Let’s move on to drawing a more accurate outline by refining our sketches into something that looks more professional…

Basic Shapes

In this step, we’ll be adding the fine details to the body of our car. Once you have a few basic shapes in place, you can start refining them into a more detailed outline.

As shown in the image above, draw 2 curvy “waves” on top of each other to create the hood of your car and 2 small waves just below for the base of the windshield. Draw thicker lines around these new shapes to accentuate them further!

Some Shading Behind Your Curves

For an extra effect, add some shading behind your curves (such as beneath the windshield) using a dark color like black or brown. This will make it look like there’s space between these parts and everything else! You can also add some lighting effects with white or yellow colors if you want.

Now that we’ve got the basic outline finished, let’s move on to drawing all of the smaller details!

Curves on Top of Each Wheel

 drawing curves on wheels

Add some curves on top of each wheel to define its shape. Be sure to draw lots of small waves throughout your car to give it a sleek and shiny look! Don’t forget about the wavy shapes along the bottom of your car or around your wheels for extra detail. You can also add 2 small ovals behind each wheel for stopping lights if you want to be super accurate!

This step is mostly just adding finishing touches like headlights, window trims, bumper bars, door handles, and other smaller parts which contribute towards the overall realism of our sports car. Again, you can be as detailed here as you like!

How to Draw a Sports Car in Photoshop – Final Step

Sports Car  drawing in Photoshop

The final step of our tutorial is done! Congrats on making it this far and finishing off with an awesome new drawing 🙂

Here we’ll be adding some shading and lighting effects to make our sports car look extra realistic. This part isn’t particularly difficult but does require some time and patience if you want it to look awesome.

To start shading (or “blending”) your car’s curves, add 2 dark shades of gray on top of each other for the darker areas such as the hood and trunk.

Then add one lighter shade for the middle parts like behind each wheel or near the bottom of each curve. Use white for highlights such as on the headlights, the front edges of the windshield, and other shiny parts.

Add a gradient style to your shading, with lighter shades toward the top of your car and darker toward the bottom where there’s less light reaching it. This will make your sports car look more realistic! Lastly, add some small circles on each of the headlights for reflections in order to complete this step! You can also shade underneath your car if you like.

Drawing Our Sports Car in Photoshop

Now that we’ve finished drawing our sports car in photoshop, I’ll leave you guys with my final product 🙂 Below are 2 examples of how it looks when printed out onto paper or canvas so you can hang this up at home if you wish!

How about leaving a comment below on what tutorial you’d like me to draw next? I’m thinking of either a Ferrari or a BMW for my next article. Let me know! And thanks again for reading, it really means a lot to me 🙂 Here’s the final result of our drawing – let us know what you think about it in the comments section below!

Check out what other people have drawn by visiting the comments sections from some of the other articles on this site – there are some pretty cool drawings to be found here! Have a good weekend everyone and we’ll see you guys again soon 🙂

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Annie <3 Be sure to check out Annie’s vector portraits tutorial as well as her How To Draw A Cute Panda Face In Adobe Illustrator guide if you enjoyed the artwork featured in her photoshop tutorial – both are extremely high quality and offer a great insight into her fantastic drawing style!

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Learn How to Draw in 8 Easy Steps with this in-depth Tutorial

  1. Draw your basic car shape (hood, windows, door)
  2. Using curves, add in the outline to your car shape
  3. Add in the front and rear bumper bars, headlights, taillights, door handles
  4. Shade the areas where light would hit the car. These are usually on top of other surfaces (hood, trunk lid, etc.)
  5. Draw a light line for each window with a darker shade on each side. This will give your car shape depth.
  6. Use different shades of gray to show layers in your windows (e.g.- darken windows closest to you). You can also use black for “Lambo” style tinted windows. Be creative! 🙂
  7. Shade under your car to convey shadows on its surface. Add more depth to your drawing by making some areas darker than others.
  8. Draw a wheel and tire at the bottom of each wheel arch in order to complete your car! You can also add a background if you like in the same way you drew in the wheel and tire.
  9. Add in any extra details such as exhaust pipes, spoiler, etc.
  10. Colour using Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro – I’d suggest using either a soft round brush or an airbrush for this part so that you can vary the width of your line easily when coloring. Have fun with it! 🙂
  11. Finalize your drawing by zooming right into it and cleaning up any rough edges with a pixel-precise eraser tool (for Photoshop).
  12. Save your work! You can also upload to any of the free image hosting sites such as,, or and link back to your website/blog/DeviantArt page, etc so that others can see what tutorial you drew this form (if you like). 😉 

All done, congratulations on completing this tutorial! Be sure to subscribe below in order to be notified when we release new tutorials in the future 🙂 And if you wanted to, check out our tutorials section for more drawing fun.

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